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Personal Background

CCYC Values & Beliefs

CCYC is a blend of believers from many backgrounds, churches and organizations. While CCYC does not focus on the traditions and preferences of these organizations, we recognize that these organizations represent a large part of our constituency and support. Will you commit to respect the cultures and traditions of our partner organizations?

Will you commit to supporting the core values of CCYC while at camp and, after you leave, seek to continue to model Christlike living, realizing that you may now be in a position to influence others to a greater extent?
Are you willing to jump in and help wherever needed and to lean into service wherever needed? We are looking for people excited about CCYC and who have a servant's heart.
Would you be interested in being a team parent?

Please click here to learn about the team parent role.

Will you commit to setting aside your personal preferences and plans and adhere to the schedule and decisions made by camp leadership?
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